Tips & Tricks

Using energy module “Plus Marine”


Marina Punat provides direct, grounded electrical connection to the power from the coast.

The voltage in this marina is 230 V - 50 Hz and all outlets are fitted according to the standard EN 60609-2.

Therefore, only one power cable from the ship may be plugged into an outlet.


Sailing in & out - What to do in Bura conditions

The jugo (sirocco) is a warm and wet wind that comes from the south. It allows you plenty of time to prepare for it, as it takes longer to become strong.   
The bura (a north-easterly wind), on the other hand, comes in quickly, plunging down from the mountains, and can make calm sea rough with two-metre waves in just 15-20 minutes.         
What should you do? First of all, watch the weather forecast. DHMZ ( is a national weather forecast service used by local fishermen and sailors because of its reliability. Hourly wind and rain forecasts, sea conditions, and temperatures - it’s all there.     
There is only one problematic channel in the whole northern Adriatic and that is Velebitski kanal (the Velebit Channel), known for its bura wind. As long as you are in the shelter of Krk, you’re safe, as the wind plunges down from the mountains and accelerates in the three-mile-wide passage between Krk and the island of Prvić.

If you’ve seen the weather forecast and you’re still keen on passing through the channel, this what you can do:
1. Head down from Punat close to the coastline, passing Stara Baška.Bura conditions

2. Continue down into the channel, and a few miles afterwards turn 90 degrees right towards Rab. After a strong front wind, you’ll get a back wind to carry you to Rab. As soon as you get into the shelter of Prvić, the bura will lose its strength.

Returning to Punat

Stick close to the coastline of the island of Rab up to Kalifront lighthouse. After the lighthouse, do not try to sail directly to Punat, but take a NNE course to Sorinj lighthouse, which is  3.5 miles away. You will have a strong bura blowing directly into you, but after the lighthouse, you can take a NNW course directly to Negrit lighthouse.

In the case of a strong bura, turn theBura conditions boat in front of zone C, and sail into peer C1 backwards. It’s easier to manoeuvre this way.
The stronger the bura, the faster you should sail to keep control over the boat.
In bura conditions, call channel 17 – Marina Punat to send a sailor to help you with mooring.



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